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One of the biggest enemies of your roof is actually Snow or Ice.

Snow Pic


In no way try to fix a roof when it is raining, snowing, or even the weather is freezing. When your roof is wet or slippery, you might stop up slipping, leading to significant personal injury as well as death. If you are undertaking your own roof covering yourself, work on this when it is sunny and also dry outdoors and you also use the correct PPE and also Obtain equipment.

Whenever adding new roof tiles which can result in your roof vulnerable, make sure they fit as snug as a bug in a rug. If they’re sometimes slightly loosened, water can easily seep inside them by means of capillary action, causing you headaches you don’t need. Pick the best size to spare by yourself with problems in the future.

By no means attempt to repair your roof while the conditions are hazardous. Your roof can wait until the weather conditions improves, and you need to be more concerned with your own basic safety than the state of your home’s roof. Any thunder or wind storms could cause further damage anyway, there really is not much use in trying fix it until finally it all ends.

When you are considering a roof contractor learn about their expertise. Try asking for how long they’ve been in business. If they have been doing business for a minimum of several years, that usually shows that they have been established and they also have a solid understanding of roofing systems and techniques check if they’re accredited to any professional bodies , definitely not those you simply pay a subscription to.

Have a leak in your roof covering? Check out your gutters. Your gutters of your house can easily come to be blocked, and could be a major cause of leakages, particularly if they haven’t yet recently been cleaned out fairly recently. If you see they are filled with debris, like leaves, be sure to call MaxiVac who will clean them out with there brand-new rain gutter cleaning system.

Ensure that you hire a roofing company who has a locatable, permanent business address definitely not generally there home address. Should you hire a roofing company who does not currently have a permanent place of business, you face being scammed. Additionally, when the roofing contractor you actually hire does a great job, it can be helpful to possess said contractor’s permanent contact details on hand when you have any further issues with your home’s roof in the foreseeable future.

To avoid a typical rip-off roofing companies engage in, don’t pay anything to your contractor in advance, definitely not even for supplies, just about any legitimate roofing company really should have the cash flow to complete the work. Some companies will ask for a down payment in advance to pay for the supplies, you actually should pay them on completion of the work and you have received all the warranties and Building Control paperwork (part L required by Law).

Lead roofs certainly are a very expensive alternative. However, if you’re able to have the funds for the Lead roofing materials, this can be a very beautiful alternative. As the Lead ages, the Lead turns a Dark Grey coloration that accents most residences very well. Even though this is an expensive alternative, anyone that sees your house will be amazed.

In the wintertime, make sure your roof comes with ice shields, snow boards to protect conservatories and extensions. Also, make sure it’s got proper ventilation. Your house is heated and requires ventilation to prevent condensation to the interior of rooms.

When choosing any roofing company to work on your own property, make sure they’ve got Public liability and Employee insurance for at least 10,000,000.00. For starters, if your roofer provides this type of insurance, you will be confident that they’re trustworthy. Secondly, should anything happen to your roof because they’re working on it, their insurance will pay for just about any problems.

If you currently have any kind of roof issues please don’t hesitate to make contact with Maxiflow on 01244 330019 or kevin@maxiflow.co.uk

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Improvements to Chester Market’s casual stalls begin

Improvement works on Chester Market's casual stalls

We have worked in and around Chester Market many times over the years. In patnership with Norland Managed Services and Cheshire West & Chester, we have helped to keep the Market’s facilities maintained.

Recently, we have started work on refurbishing the Market’s casual stalls. These stalls are allocated to traders on a short-term basis, allowing people to sell their goods without committing to a lease. These indoor spaces have high visibility in the Market, capturing passing trade from a wide audience of shoppers.

Building works begin on casual market stalls in Chester

We’re undertaking a large number of stall improvements, from roof works to painting and decorating. Some stalls are being fitted with new roofs, with attractive red felt shingles complementing a light oak stained timber frame. In a number of stalls we are replacing the formica frontages and counter-tops with modern, refreshed designs. Timber handrails and skirtings will form a new drinking area in one unit.

We have planned for the refurbishments to be installed on Sundays, to minimize disruption to shoppers and stall owners. We would like to thank everybody in Chester Market for their patience and understanding while these improvement works are carried out and will update once the refurbishments are completed.

Casual Stall refurbishment at Chester Market

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Another excellent monitoring visit from Considerate Constructors!


Maxiflow has enjoyed a productive partnership with Considerate Constructors since registering with the scheme in 2009. We were extremely proud to be declared the Most Considerate Company 2013 in addition to picking up a Gold Award at their National Company Awards last November.

We have written on this blog about previous years’ site reports and the positive feedback we have received from the company’s monitoring team. So it was nice to start 2014 with another highly positive Monitoring Report!

In partnership with Norland Managed Services, Maxiflow has been carrying out the refurbishment of several floors in Goldsmith House, one of Cheshire West & Chester‘s office buildings in Chester city centre.

Once again the company’s high standards of performance are evident throughout the project.

Considerate Constructors’ Site Monitor

Considerate Constructors’ site evaluations are based upon five key factors, namely: Enhancing the appearance of the site, respecting the community, protecting the environment, securing everyone’s safety and caring for the workforce. Quotes from the monitoring report related to these key points are reproduced below:

The site has good signage on the entrance to the building & also directional signage on a lamppost leading to the site; signage was colourful & clear & includes various organisational logos including the 2013 Most Considerate Company logo. The only visible external signs of building work was a skip in the car park, which was neatly protected by double clipped heras fencing. Operatives all appeared smart & wore company branded hi vis plus company branded tops.


All CCS signage & stickers in position & the company has ensured that all are aware of the Scheme & also the fact that the company won Gold & the most Considerate Company award in 2013. All operatives are direct employees and are well aware of general behavioural requirements. The company has noted roof damage on a neighbours property & has taken photographs & informed the owner. Company has fixed a couple of flags outside the building.



The company has an environmental policy & the main contractor has prepared a SWMP; there is actually very little waste arising. […] The site is only a couple of miles from the company headquarters & uses company vans which are monitored regarding fuel use & carbon emissions.


Norland have carried out two H&S inspections to date & Maxiflow have their own arrangements. All operatives are local & the location of the nearby A&E is well known to all […] Appropriate fire evacuation procedures in place & site has own muster point. Excellent example of high quality dust mask being used when cleaning up waste from broken screed.[…] All accidents recorded, none to date.


The company has a very supportive regime & has recently completed a series of staff appraisals; a number of training courses are being organised […] The company also deserves credit for the assistance they have given to a scaffolding sub contractor in obtaining appropriate qualifications. Medical conditions & contact details held & the offer is made for all operatives to obtain a flu jab. All have CSCs cards.


Overall, the report was extremely positive and offered constructive suggestions for future improvements. We hope to have more details about our works at Goldsmith House in the future.

We would like to thank Considerate Constructors’ monitoring team, Norland Managed Services and Cheshire West and Chester for their time and work in making this report possible.

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Guest Blog: Wood flooring options for your interior

Wood Flooring

This is a guest blog from Jonathan Sapir, MD of London-based flooring company Wood and Beyond. They can be found on Twitter @WoodandBeyond and Facebook at WoodandBeyond.

It is common for property owners to evaluate the need for new flooring solution during an interior design or refurbishment project. In this blog we will explain the various considerations to take into account when deciding on wood flooring, widely regarded as one of the more complex flooring solutions to choose. There is slightly more than meets the eye when we talk about wood flooring and although these floorboards might look the same, if you look closer you will find different technologies and varying suitability. Your choice to fit one instead of the other could have a profound affect on the longevity of the floor and your satisfaction.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Solid Flooring Vs. Engineered Flooring:

There are two rival technologies in wood flooring. The first is solid technology and the second is engineered technology. Each type has its strong points and weaker points, as you will see below. It is often a question of matching the most suitable type to your specific interior as opposed to one fit all solution.

Solid wood flooring – Made from complete wood, solid wood flooring has been around since wood was first introduced to fill the role of flooring material. Each floorboard is made from 100% wood, typically Oak or Walnut and this natural construction gives the floorboard significant strength. Property owners will consider solid wood flooring because of its longevity (50 years of service life is extremely common) and the ability to sand the floor from time to time thereby improving the appearance of the floorboard without the need to replace it. On the other hand, its natural construction will limit the size of each floorboard and the wood may react to temperature changes (expand in hot condition and contract in cold conditions) making it unsuitable to fit over under floor heating or in high humidity areas such as the bathroom.

Engineered wood flooring – Made from three or more layers of MDF, Softwood, Plywood and hardwood veneer, each plank of floorboard is made to look externally like solid wood flooring. The artificial layers called the ‘backing’ acts to give the floors its strength and thickness, while the hardwood veneer layer (i.e. the actual wood layer) is the only part visible when the floorboard is fitted.

This unique construction of manmade and natural materials allows the floor to cope better in wet or damp conditions and is considered easier to fit due to its lighter weight (suitable for ‘floating installation’). Property owners will consider engineered wood flooring if the floor is to be fitted in a high humidity area. It is impervious to temperature changes that might affect solid wood flooring and therefore can be fitted over under floor heating. On the other hand, durability in terms of service life is not the same as solid wood flooring and while the floor could be sanded, this will depend on the thickness of the hardwood veneer layer. Sanding will remove 1mm layer of wood each time and typically the hardwood veneer layer is 3mm to 6mm thick so on average 2 to 5 sanding processes can be attempted.

In most projects, commercial or residential either type will suit well, though Maxiflow will of course advise you otherwise.

Wood Grades

Wood Grade:

Both solid and engineered types include real wood. In the case of solid floors, 100% real wood is used and in the case of engineered floors only the hardwood veneer layer contains real wood in thickness of 3mm to 6mm thick. The layer of real wood is broken-down to grades of wood.

Grade is not an indication of quality as some homeowner’s suspect nor is it an indication of durability. It is an important indication of the visual decorative side of the floor and will have a significant affect on its overall cost. The higher the grade is, the more refine the wood is and this will be reflected in the price per meter of the floor. There are four levels of grade to choose from:

Prime – It is the highest grade and this is apparent in the lack of sapwood and knots.

Select – It is also a premium grade, though you may notice the odd sapwood and knots. Slight colour variation between the floorboards is to be expected.

Natural – Also known as country grade, sapwood and knots will appear frequently along the floorboards. Colour variations are made more significant.

Rustic – It is a basic grade, in which colour variations, sapwood and knots are visible across each floorboard.

Wood Finish

Wood Finish:

Now that you have decided on the most suitable flooring technology type and grade of wood within your budget and in accordance with your interior, comes the final stage of choosing the finish of the wood. Wood floors must be covered in a protective top layer often called finish or coating. This layer provides basic protection from wear and tear, but will also affect the look of the floor. The most popular are:

Lacquer Based Finish – It is a thick coating which gives the floor a slight semi-glossy look. Lacquered is too heavy to penetrate the wood’s fibres so it remains on the surface. While this means that the finish is quicker to wear, it makes the floorboard waterproof, which is useful when fitting wood flooring in the kitchen or bathrooms areas.

Oil Based Finish – It is an alternative to wax coating and gives the floor a matt look. Oil will penetrate the wood and so topping the finish is made less frequent. It will not act to protect the wood from wet conditions.

Bespoke Finish – New coating technology means that wood species will no longer determine the shade of the floor and special colouring processes could achieve outstanding colours. Interior designers and architects are able to use bespoke colours to create unusual flooring colours.

Solid Wood Flooring

If you have any questions about wood flooring, leave your comment below or contact Maxiflow.

Information by Jonathan Sapir. He is the MD at Wood and Beyond, London based floor seller working with the trade.

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Work in progress at Bishops Court, the Bishop of Manchester’s residence

Maxiflow building works contract at Bishops Court, residence of the Bishop of Manchester

As previously reported, we at Maxiflow were awarded a prestigious contract at Bishops Court, the residence of the Bishop of Manchester. In partnership with Strutt and Parker, we have been tasked with combining our divisions’ expertise in order to deliver a comprehensive overhaul of the property’s aesthetics and facilities.

Work has been ongoing at the six-bedroom detached house in Salford for several weeks now, and the project is roughly half complete. The photographs accompanying this post (and in the linked gallery) reflect the progress during the second week.

Maxiflow builder Russ fitting coving at Bishops Court, Salford

Maxiflow building operative Russ fitting plaster coving to the ceiling-wall abutment in one of the property’s bathrooms.

The package of works in progress at the house is vast in scale. The improvements amount to a full refurbishment, including painting and decorating in every room, supplying and laying new carpeting and other types of flooring, fitting more than a dozen fire doors, replacing curtain rails & blinds and stripping out the old electrical system in favour of a complete rewire.

The rehaul of the electrical system is a delicate procedure, as the residence adjoins a number of offices related to Manchester Cathedral’s operations. These offices are in use for the duration of the works and require an uninterrupted power supply. Careful planning ensures that the majority of alterations involving the offices’ circuits occur outside of office hours, and any cases where disruptions are unavoidable will require at least 24 hours’ pre-notification.

Maxiflow gas engineer Tony installing brand-new heating system at Bishops Court, Salford

Maxiflow gas engineer Tony installing the brand-new heating system in the property’s garage

One of the largest projects underway at Bishops Court is the overhaul of the heating and hot water system by our Mechanical and Electrical department. This involves carefully stripping out the existing boilers, radiators, pumps, control valves, system control gear, hot water storage cylinders and loft-level cold water storage tanks. Works to the cold water supply in the house are also underway.

Our M&E team have designed and are in the process of installing a high efficiency, gas-fired, mains-fed central heating system and hot water system. The system comprises nitrous oxide boilers, new radiators, thermostatic valves, calorifiers, timer and control gear (for hot water and heating) and factory-insulated hot water cylinders.

Maxiflow Plumber Neil posing with calorifier at Bishops Court, Salford

Maxiflow Plumbing operative Neil with one of Bishops Court’s new calorifiers

Work is continuing to progress on schedule and we will have more updates on this major project as it reaches completion.

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